Real Estate Title Info & More: Key Details About For Sale By Owner Property Transactions

When it comes to person to person selling, the Internet truly has changed everything.  It seems like no matter what it is you’re looking to offload, you can simply take an ad out on a website dedicated to posting an promoting your items and casually wait for interested parties to contact you.  Sellers have quickly learned that size of merchandise proves no obstacle; both large and small wares alike can be advertised with the same straightforward ease, unilaterally affecting a wide range of industries.

Even the Florida real estate industry has experienced a huge surge of person to person selling.  Recent trends have shown that the state has shown a steady uptick in Fort Myers/Cape Coral for sale by owner listings.  Empowered with the virtually endless online promotional opportunities, Floridians have recognized that a Cape Coral/Fort Myers for sale by owner process is to employ the help of a professional real estate title insurance agency.

What Real Estate Title Insurance Is… And Why You Need It

It’s no secret that residents can quickly garner online attention and interested buyers with their Cape Coral for sale by owner properties.  However, it’s critical to keep in mind that not using a realtor does bring with it some specific factors that will require focus and consideration throughout the process.  Both buyers and sellers must ensure that all the necessary paperwork and legal requirements of the transaction are met.  Both sides of the sale are learning that the best way to meet all necessary mandates throughout the Cape Coral/Fort Myers for sale by owner process is to employ the help of a professional real estate title insurance agency.

Understanding some of the basic facts about real estate title insurance can help determine if these services make sense for your Fort Myers/Cape Coral for sale by owner property.  In its simplest form, real estate title insurance offers third party approval that the title of the house and land involved in a Fort Myers for sale by owner transaction has no concerning red flags associated with it.  A diligent real estate title insurance firm will dig back to the property’s origin and ensure there are no liens, unpaid taxes or other possible weak links that could disrupt the sale.  Teaming with a provider that specializes in real estate title insurance is not only the best way to keep your transaction on track, lender facilities often require it before they’ll agree to loaning out the funds needed for purchase.

A Qualified Real Estate Title Insurance Firm Will Offer Comprehensive Services

When searching for a qualified real estate title insurance firm, it’s important to remember to look for a wide range of service offerings to ensure all your transactional needs are met.  Escrow management is always a crucial consideration that often requires third party navigation to avoid unexpected glitches.  Additionally, even the most straightforward Cape Coral for sale by owner transaction is full of legal documentation.  Always look for an agency that offers Cape Coral/Fort Myers notary services and even access to consultation to completely streamline the paperwork process and ensure you’re precisely following the law.

5 To Do’s Prior To Listing Your Fort Myers For Sale By Owner Property

Now that you’ve decided to sell your home in Florida or Fort Myers for sale by owner, what do you need to do?  Selling a home for sale by owner takes more than just putting a For Sale sign up in the yard.  These tips can get you started on the path to a successful Fort Myers for sale by owner home sale.

Before Putting Your Home On The Market

Tidy Up The House – There’s prep work to be done before a home even goes on the market.  First, make sure everything is in working order.  Then give your house a special glow – deep clean the carpeting, put a coat of fresh paint on the walls, tidy up the yard and remove clutter.  These little touches are inexpensive and easy for you to do and give buyers a great first impression of your home.

Think About Pricing – Once you’re home is in tip-top shape, it’s time to think about price.  Most sellers have a number in mind when they go to sell their home, but in order for the property to sell it must be priced correctly.  Your price needs to reflect actual buying conditions and purchase prices in the area in which you are selling.  This might not necessarily be the price you’re looking for, but if you’re serious about selling, it is a must.

Advertising Your Florida Or Fort Myers For Sale By Owner Property

List Your House Online – Once you have settled on a price for the home, start advertising.  Get a sign for your yard and put an ad in the local paper, but don’t neglect advertising online to reach the greatest number of potential buyers.  You can advertise your home on sites like Craigslist and you local newspaper, but your best bet is to get the house into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  You can also search for sale by owner sites like and on which to list your home. 

Use Social Media and WOM – Don’t underestimate the power of networking and word of mouth (WOM) either.  Let anyone and everyone know your house is for sale.  Put the word out on LinkedIn and Facebook and to colleagues and friends.  The more exposure you can get the better.

Prepare For Closing – In the meantime, gather all the forms and paperwork necessary for your sale to close.  You’ll want to have the title to your property, any mortgage documents you may have, and make sure your tax ID and identification forms are current.  This is especially important if you are a foreign seller, a non-US resident selling property in the United States.  If that is the case, you must become familiar with FIRPTA, the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act.  FIRPTA is an IRS law which states that 10% of the purchase price of the home must be paid to the IRS upon closing.  In order for this to happen, the foreign seller must have a tax ID number.  If you don’t have one of these, apply for one right away, preferably before your home goes on the market or immediately following.

By putting forth a little effort beforehand you can turn your Florida or Fort Myers for sale by owner process into a hassle free transaction.