House hunting is an exciting undertaking. After all, you’re choosing the place your family is going to call home! However, the process is a bit more complicated than shopping for a new pair of shoes, so you’ll want to make sure you’re asking all of the right house hunting questions to get the information you need.

Many of your questions should focus on potential problems and maintenance issues. For example, you can ask questions like whether anything needs to be replaced, or what things require ongoing maintenance like paint, roof, heating and AC, appliances and carpet. Also ask about the house and neighborhood, focusing on quality of life issues, like whether there has been any recent crimes in the neighborhood. Be sure the seller’s or real estate agent’s answers are clear and complete, and ask questions until you understand all of the information they’ve given.

Making a list of questions ahead of time will help you organize your thoughts and arrange all of the information you receive. Using an online house buying scorecard can help you develop your question list and keep a record for each potential home.

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