Our Team

Jennifer Ferri

Licensed Title Agent – Owner

Jennifer Ferri, has more than 25 plus years’ experience and knowledge in the real estate industry and has lived in Cape Coral since 1975. She is the owner of Title Junction and is passionate about educating people in the real estate industry about title insurance and the closing process. Whether she is working to close another deal, or encouraging those around her, Jennifer leads by example and always gives 100%. She is a single mom, loves JESUS, has a crush on Barry Manilow and loves to do 1000 piece puzzles.

Stefanie Stauffer

Post-Closing Coordinator

Stefanie Stauffer handles all post-closing paperwork as well as being a Florida notary. Stefanie loves working behind the scenes to close out transaction files. She handles matters such as cancellations, recordation tracking, post-closing curatives and policy remittances. She was born and raised in Stow, Ohio. Stefanie has three children and one precious grandbaby, and on weekends you can find her relaxing on the beach!

Pamela Dodge


Originally from Vermont with ties to upstate New York, Pam moved to Southwest Florida in 2013 to start a career in probate and estate planning, before shifting to work in the title industry in 2017. Joining the Title Junction team in 2021, she gathers all of the pertinent information needed for closings and makes sure all of the data is submitted correctly while keeping parties updated on the status of their files. An avid music lover, Pam enjoys attending concerts (particularly of the rock genre) and on the weekends can be found cruising the roads with friends on a motorcycle, with the occasional boating jaunt and beach day.

Amanda Seiders

Social Media / Marketing Coordinator

Majoring in Telecommunications at the University of Florida, Amanda joined the Title Junction team in 2018 following a year-long internship with WAY-FM. She handles Title Junction’s social media activities and coordinates marketing strategies. Amanda is originally from Hershey, Pennsylvania (the sweetest place on earth!) and loves cats, travel, musicals, and Japanese culture.

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