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Escrow Services From Title Junction

When it comes to real estate closings, buyers and sellers alike need a wide variety of services in order to close a transaction. Attorneys, lenders, real estate agents, business developers, and more are involved or required in the process at some point. Title Junction is a comprehensive real estate title company and strives to provide as many services as possible. This includes all of the services of an escrow agent, even if we are not your closing agent. However, when you choose Title Junction as your closing agent, you’ll have the added convenience of a full service escrow agent embedded within a real estate title insurance provider.

Title Insurance And Escrow Services In Fort Myers, Cape Coral And Throughout Florida

Real estate transactions sometimes require the need for an escrow company. Title Junction can provide the escrow services and serve as a neutral third party to ensure that no funds exchange hands until all of the instructions have been followed and completed.

When a buyer wants to start the closing process, they have to put up earnest money as a kind of deposit to show that they are indeed earnest. This money is held in escrow and used when the transaction closes or refunded if the offer is rejected; we can provide those escrow services along with all of our title insurance services.

In-house escrow services are just another example of our commitment to all of our clients; we are committed to creating the real estate title and closing relationship that our customers deserve, whether they’re buying property in Cape Coral, Fort Myers or around Florida.

When you are ready to close on your real estate title transaction, call Title Junction at 239.415.6574. Our clients who prefer to use email can contact us at [email protected].

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