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Within the first few weeks after the contract is signed, you will work to hire a team of professionals that you will need to close your transaction and make sure your mortgage, insurance and property documents are at your fingertips.

Soon, you will move into your new Cape Coral or Fort Myers home, perhaps starting a new job or blending a family. But before any of that, there are steps you need to take. Once you have negotiated a deal acceptable to both sides and have a signed contract in hand, you can expect to spend about 6-8 weeks working to get to the closing table. Not all of the burden will fall on you, but you’ll need to dedicate time to completing the tasks on your closing to-do list.

To be certain your closing process will unfold smoothly, check your steps on a to-do list that you can also use to check off completed items.

Hire a real estate title insurance company immediately after reaching agreement with the seller/buyer. Sometimes the seller will choose the title company. This can be agreed upon during contract negotiations.


• Arrange for escrow through a title company and deposit the buyer’s earnest money with the company.
• Be ready to give your information to the title company when they call or email you. This is important as they are putting all the pieces together.


• Find your personal financial information that the lender will need (mortgage documents, property survey, insurance documents, etc.).
• Have a home inspection and any other inspections completed that may be needed.


• Make final arrangements with the title company for additional information they or you need.
• Cooperate with the lenders requests, the longer it takes for you to provide information, the longer it will take to close your loan.


• Hire a moving company
• Set a closing date and time with the title company.
• This is an exciting time in your life. Take care of the details that need to be handled to get to the closing table, and when the closing date arrives, you’ll be ready.

At Title Junction we care about helping you stay informed throughout your real estate transaction. Have questions? Give us a call at 239.415.6574.

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