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When you purchase a new home in Fort Myers or Cape Coral, your title company will give you the option to purchase title insurance. While it’s tempting to say ‘nah, I’m good’ and simply close on the house without a second thought, you should first consider what you’re saying no to. Here are 5 reasons why your closing should be insured:

1. For a one-time fee, it protects your largest investment for as long as you own your home. You protect your pets, life, and health. Why not your home purchase?

2. While your average homeowners insurance policy will reimburse you for damages to your house and belongings, title insurance protects your entire property from a defective title, covering both the house and the land it stands on.

3. It puts your name as owner on the records, and the history of your property is searched to determine that you are indeed the rightful owner of the property. Once documents are signed, title insurance assures that you are the current owner.

4. Title insurance on a closing means that if your title is ever defeated, you will have defense in court, in addition to being reimbursed for the amount of your covered losses.

5. Your heirs are covered for as long as you or they own the home, and your title insurance policy protects your property rights.

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