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The area and land surrounding a potential home is something many homebuyers should check out before committing to a piece of property. However, what some home hunters fail to take into consideration are the varying outcomes when choosing land, such as whether the land is a flood plain.

A flood plain is an area of land near a body of water, usually a stream or river, that is known to experience flooding during periods of heavy rainfall. If you make the decision to buy a home that’s on a flood plain, your lender will most likely require that you obtain flood insurance, because until your home is paid back in full, it’s their money at risk. But if your home is simply near a flood plain instead of on it, you may be presented with the option of obtaining flood insurance, but might not necessarily be required to do so.

Florida is well-known for the storms that roll in during peak hurricane season between the months of June and November, so it’s wisdom for any homeowner or potential buyer to consider how storm surge levels might affect the flood plain their home is located on or near. Areas located on or near flood plains have an increased chance of flooding past even what is considered to be normal levels during the rainy season. A good way to get a feel for potential flood levels is to ask neighbors how their houses fared during past hurricanes and storms.

Generally speaking, flood zones are determined by an estimation of the number of storms that will cause flooding in a year, such as hurricanes. High-risk zones start with either an A or a V, while Zones B, X, and C are the lowest risk. In some cases, your property could very well exist in multiple zones depending on the size and terrain.

You can find out whether your property is in a flood zone by visiting FEMA’s Map Service Center or your local county’s flood zone map if they provide one.

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