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In this day and age, we hear about all sorts of promotions and catchy phrases such as “go green” in order to promote the idea of a healthier environment. We’ve made huge technological strides in a short time period and through our own amazement, we often forget that it takes a tremendous toll on our natural conditions. But the good news is, taking steps to save our planet can have the added bonus of saving our wallets! So what are a few things you can do to save energy?

Proper blinds and/or curtains – The more heat that radiates into your home, the harder your air conditioning system has to work. The harder your air conditioning systems work, the harder you have to work to pay that heftier bill! Keeping your windows covered, especially when you aren’t even home, can help reduce your monthly costs.

Lightened rooftop color – Though you may not be in a hurry to make this change to your current home, this is a wonderful thing to keep in mind when buying a home. The darker the rooftop, the more heat the house will absorb. This change in coloring can actually be a substantial game changer.

Energy-saving appliances – Is it about time you upgraded the fridge? Have those lightbulbs quit on you? When shopping, check out the products that pride themselves on conserving energy. These products work just as well while helping you save those dollars in the long run! It’s a practical investment that you would otherwise be tossing away.

Check on your plumbing – If your water bill has steadily climbed over time, it may be due to a faulty line. Why pay for water you aren’t even using? Fixing small pipeline defects will get you back on track!

These are just a few energy-saving ways you can contribute to the wellness of the world while keeping those runaway dollars inside your bank account!

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