Rumors are everywhere, whether they’re about the latest celebrity scandal or political policies. But what about rumors in the real estate market? Believe it or not, there are quite a few common real estate rumors floating around! Avoid these fallacy mix-ups by staying aware of the facts!


You should just price your home higher, that way you can settle for the price you really want.

This may be one of the most harmful delusions out there. Pricing is a major element in the home hunting process and negotiation should be considered later on, not predicted. If you price your home much higher than you’d actually accept, you may miss the opportunity to meet with a handful of potential buyers! This only elongates your home sale.


You should wait for the market to improve.

This is usually a great excuse to delay your future real estate transaction but the reality is, the real estate market is constantly changing and shifting depending on your location, specific circumstances, and homeowner mindsets. Think of the real estate market like you do the weather. Though we may be able to predict or analyze patterns, it’s always in a constant state of fluctuation.


You’ll save a lot more money if you just sell your home without an agent.

Most people don’t even trust themselves to cut their own hair, so why wouldn’t you trust a professional when it comes to one of the greatest financial investments you may ever make? Hiring a real estate agent gives you guidance, inside knowledge on the market, and an educated individual who is working around the clock for your same goal! And as they say, time is money, and selling your home on your own is a huge commitment that can take away from other parts of your life for the duration of the selling process.

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