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There are a number of factors that home buyers should consider when scoping out potential new homes. Number of bedrooms, floor plans, kitchen amenities…there are many things you need to look at to make sure the house has everything you want. But what about things that can’t be seen? 

Noise levels have a lot to do with quality of life in a home. They can have an effect on anything from getting a good night’s rest to being able to stay focused on at-home work or school projects. Here are a few noise factors to consider when checking out potential homes:

Traffic: Is there a highway near the neighborhood? Is the property located on a particularly busy street? These are factors to consider—and listen for—when you check out potential houses.

Airports: This one might seem easy enough to avoid, but if your ideal home is located within a 10-mile radius of a nearby airport, you’ll want to check noise maps and listen carefully to make sure the sound of incoming and outgoing flights won’t bother you should you choose to live there.

Nearby Amenities: If you’re looking at houses within walking distance of amenities such as schools, stores, and restaurants, there’s a good chance that some of the noise from these places might filter into your living space. Even living too close to neighborhood-specific amenities such as a recreation center or playground can bring noise potential with them, so consider what’s nearby when making your selection.

Neighbors: Talk to local residents about whether there are any reoccurring domestic disturbances, like neighbors with a propensity for loud music or who might own a dog with a habit of barking at 3am. You might not be able to control who moves in next to you, but you can try to be smart about who you settle next to.

Fortunately, there are two handy tools you can use to get a better idea of what noise levels to expect in the area you’re thinking of moving to: Realtor.com’s Noise Indicator App and the National Transportation Noise Map. Pairing these with local inquiries and keen observation skills should give you a good idea of what level of noise disturbance you’re in for, and then it’s up to you to decide what you’re comfortable living with.

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