If you’re in the market for a house, it’s likely that you’re familiar with the concept of a home inspector performing an inspection on any property that you’re seriously interested in. However, the required credentials of a home inspector can differ from state to state. Some states require inspectors to complete a training program, while others only require a letter of recommendation.

Florida home inspectors are required to undergo 120 hours of training and pass an exam to get their home inspector license, so the likelihood of you being in good hands is very high. But it never hurts to know a few of the basic things a home inspector looks for in a house so you can understand what they report back to you. Additionally, you’ll have two pairs of eyes assessing potential problems so nothing is missed. So what are a few things to look for?

Damaged Pipelines

This can sometimes cost a little extra to check up on because it requires the inspector to do precision camera-work to take a good look. But it’s highly recommend that you do so anyway, since it could save you thousands of dollars to be able to point out any significant damages to the seller for either a reduced price or the condition that they fix the damage before you buy the house. Run some additional tests by flushing toilets, running showers, and peeking at the sink faucets to instill an even greater amount of confidence in your purchase.


It’s easy to get excited about all the shiny new appliances that your home may come with, especially if it’s been updated or recently remodeled. But it is important to stay focused. Take a moment to look past the trendy exterior of that black fridge to make sure it actually functions properly, and become familiar with how any new appliances work.

Previous Owner Projects

Did the sellers touch up or re-do anything themselves? Sure, everything looks nice, but who’s to say that they didn’t just YouTube a few spots in their roofing to save a few extra bucks? Chances are the sellers aren’t going to tell you too much of their own volition, so it’s up to you to ask and do the research to not only get your money’s worth, but to ensure your safety! Tag team with the home inspector to make sure everything is ship shape before you fully commit to the house!

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