When deciding where to live, it’s important to not only consider the features of the house you’re hunting for, but what type of community you’d like to be a part of. There are three common types of communities to consider: rural, suburban, and urban. Each location has its own unique qualities and features, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your preferred lifestyle. 

Rural Communities

Rural communities tend to have housing spread out in favor of wide open spaces and land. When taking lot size and home features into account, comparable houses in rural communities tend to be cheaper than in suburban and rural areas, though drive times tend to be lengthy for both work and amenities. People who choose to live in rural communities tend to enjoy outdoor activities and the peacefulness of the setting.

Suburban Communities

Suburban communities are a sweet spot for many people, as they’re generally located smack dab between city centers and the country. Pricing for housing tends to land right between that of rural and urban communities, and commute times for work and amenities also tend to strike that happy medium for many people. Neighborhoods in the suburbs can vary from cookie-cutter housing to slightly more spread out lots to condos and apartments, giving a decent variety of housing options.

Urban Communities

Urban communities offer convenience, but at a steeper price for comparable housing. Public transit is more easily accessed, and many amenities are close enough to walk to, making commute time the shortest of all the options, though city living tends to be noisier and more lively than the other two options. Urban living also tends to be closer quarters, so solitude is rarely an option.

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