In Florida, there’s a wide variety of fruit trees that can grow almost effortlessly in homeowner’s backyards. Oranges, lemons, mangos, and even starfruit are just a few of the more common fruits these trees can produce. But as for whether these trees can add resale value to a real estate property…the answer to that question is both yes and no.

Mature trees can add resale value to a property. If they provide good shade coverage and privacy, they have the potential to increase a property’s resale value anywhere from 3% – 15%, depending on the landscaping and number of trees.

However, fruit trees don’t add any more resale value than other types of trees. That being said, they can still be used as a selling point, and are worth pointing out to potential buyers, who may be swayed into making an offer based on their personal preferences. After all, a home with a natural snack-dispenser in the yard is a definite perk.

In a nutshell, mature trees can potentially net you a greater profit when you sell your property, but whether they bear fruit or not makes no difference aside from general appeal to buyers.

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