The phrase “location, location, location” is one that’s been etched into the psyche of many a homebuyer, and with good reason. But location isn’t just about having a scenic view—there are other things to take into consideration before you put in an offer. After all, you don’t want a case of buyer’s remorse if you discover something about your home’s location that you wish you’d known before moving in.

Is the home next to a highway?

At first, you may see this as a good thing! You’re eliminating a lot of commute time by having immediate accessibility to a faster route, rather than having to stop at seven light intersections before you can merge into the fast lane.

However…if you’re a home buyer looking for a quiet place to relax, living next to a busy road may not be an ideal location. Honking horns, blaring music, sirens…these are just a few of the sounds that could seep into your home, even at night. 

Is the home close to department stores or major area conveniences?

Having the luxury of being able to swing by to grab a few dinner items before retiring to your home for the evening is a huge plus for many people, especially if it means not having to plan a separate trip.

But on the flip side, homes in close proximity to restaurants and stores tend to have a major increase in price compared to other properties. It may be worth it to ask yourself if this specific convenience outweighs those added dollar signs.

Is the home placed on a lot of land?

Finally, a place to be able to let the dogs roam and to create that new garden you’ve always wanted! Maybe you can even put in a pool!

That’s all well and good, but you need to consider whether you will truly utilize all of the extra land. Are you willing to keep the lawn mowed and maintain the entire property, or pay a landscaping service to do it for you? Even if your home is near a lot of land or forestry that you do not own, are you prepared for any of the animals or hazards that may be associated with being so close?

Make sure that the location of your potential future home has more pros than cons to fit your lifestyle before buying—you’ll be glad you did!

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