While it’s important for a house to have attractive features, such as updated bathrooms and decent square footage, a lot of buyers and sellers forget that the true essence of home value lies within the location of the property. A home can always be renovated to make it the perfect fit, but the location is something that can only be remedied by purchasing a new property entirely. Those in the real estate industry cannot stress this point enough—you are not just buying a home, you are also investing in the location.

To make sure you end up in a location that fits your lifestyle and preferences, here are some tips for locating your next real estate purchase:

1. What do the demographics look like within the area? Specifically, what age range are you looking at within this area? For example, if your neighborhood has a high percentage of older homeowners, there may be less of a demand for future buyers with large families or children.

2. What sort of future plans are in store for the area? Is the neighborhood going to face major construction within the next few years? Or will the conditions remain stagnant? And is the construction something that will benefit you, like a new playground, or hinder you, like the empty lot next door gaining a new building?

3. Where does the home stand? Is the home on a busy street corner that may be dangerous for children? Or is the home on a quiet cul-de-sac where property value may then increase? 

Remember, your next home purchase isn’t solely dependent upon your preferences but also those of your future buyers as well. Though you should be partial to your own needs, it doesn’t hurt to take the details of your new property into account so that when you are ready to move again, your home sale is much easier. 

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