Scheduling your closing is one of the final steps in your journey to owning a new home. But while it may sound like the easiest step, there are a few factors to take into consideration when deciding on the timing of your closing.

Month of the Year

Most any month of the year is a good month to close on a house, although you may run into some delays and snags during the winter holidays. Like most people, many individuals in the real estate industry like to take time off to spend with family and prepare for their chosen holidays, and this can cause slowdowns and delays that wouldn’t ordinarily happen at any other time of the year.

Week of the Month

Most title companies find themselves at their most hectic the last week of the month, so if you want flexible closing dates, your best bet is to aim for a week closer to the beginning or middle of any given month.

Day of the Week

Mondays and Fridays are hands down the busiest days for a title company, since they mark the start and finish of the work week. Additionally, if your delayed closing was originally on a Friday, you’d have to wait until the next week! Scheduling your closing Tuesday through Thursday gives a bit of a buffer in the event that something goes awry and the closing gets delayed, as there are still more business days in the week for your closing to rollover to.

For those who might be curious, a scheduled closing can be delayed for any of the following reasons:

  • Financing falling through
  • The house not being ready
  • Title defects that need cleared
  • The other party backing out

Hour of the Day

Good news! So long as you schedule your closing within your chosen title company’s standard operating hours, you can work with them to set up your closing at any time that works for you! However, if you try to set up your closing after hours in order to avoid taking time off work, you’re not likely to get very far…title companies have operating hours for a reason!

That being said, if another client already has a closing scheduled at the exact time slot you wanted to close, you’re going to be out of luck…but your title company will certainly work with you to set up a different time that will work for you and any other parties involved.

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