No matter the time of year, it is incredibly important to keep your home safe from possible burglary. Without the proper precautions and protection, you may be placing both your property and family in harm’s way. So what can you do to increase the security of your home?

1. Consider purchasing sensors and/or cameras that recognize movement. If someone is casing your home and is immediately halted by a light switching on or an automated voice telling them they’re being recorded, they’ll likely reconsider your home as a target for fear of being identified.

2. Try to keep your house from looking unoccupied. If you have mail stacked up, newspapers outside, overgrown grass, and dark windows, this can serve as a clear indication that no one is keeping tabs on the property, making it a much easier target.

3. If you are going out of town, avoid letting people know that your home will be unattended. It’s often fun to tell coworkers and/or friends about your future travels, but try not to draw attention to your home being unguarded. It doesn’t hurt to mention that someone will be staying there or you’ve installed cameras even if it may not really be true. And never post anything about your vacation on social media until after you’ve returned – you never know who could take advantage of that information.

4. Don’t forget to lock your doors and windows. Create an evening routine of locking all points of entry. You don’t even have to wait until right before bed – once you’re in for the night, secure your home right away so you don’t have to worry about forgetting if you get distracted or fall asleep.

5. Invest in an indoor security system, such as sensors that can detect whether your doors or windows have been opened or if there’s motion within the house. These systems can be turned on at any time, and will sound an alarm or alert the authorities to the presence of an unwanted intruder. Just make sure to place them so they aren’t set off by your pets!

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