Finding a home in today’s real estate market is a tricky business, especially one that fits your specific criteria. So you might decide that you want to skip the home hunt altogether and instead purchase some land to build your own home. But the question is, how much will it cost you? This is oftentimes the most common questions for customizing consumers, and while we may not be able to provide you the exact quote, but we can tell you what to consider during this process.

Choosing Land: The prices of lots can greatly vary depending on location, permits, school zones, and proximity to popular destinations. In addition to this, you may need to also take into account whether that land has existing infrastructure such as underground pipelines, cables, and drainage systems. These factors need to be in accordance with your planned home in order to avoid future complications. You may also need to be prepared to hire onsite workers to make any alteration and/or connections for your future home.

Deciding Square Footage: When you look at homes currently on the market, the listed square footage consists of all of the primary areas (for example, the bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and so on). However, that does not include spaces like the garage, attic, or basements. So when browsing houses for ideas of what you’d like in your own customized build, know that those square footage numbers don’t actually account for the entire building. You’ll need to discuss how big you want these spaces with your builder, if you want them at all.

Designing Layout: Think of your home as a piece of art. You will need references and patience to create a layout that will work for you, along with a lot of work, consulting, and even permitting. Also be prepared for surprise price tags for certain features and building materials – it’s always wise to have good backup choices in case you get hit with some sticker shock.

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