For most, the holiday season is a joyous time of the year—people are gathering with loved ones, doing their holiday shopping, and of course decorating! However, if you still haven’t sold your home after weeks or months of it being on the market, the holidays might feel a little more stressful. If this is the case, here are 3 reasons to take your property off of the market altogether until the holidays come to an end. 

1. Decoration Bias: No matter who they are, buyers will already be biased when they walk into your home. But now that it is decorated with trees, lights, menorahs, or whatever else suits your personal fancy, that biased attitude might just increase two-fold. Buyers may form an opinion or ideology about the home that wouldn’t have been there if not provoked by the detailed decor.

2. Holiday Clutter: When your home is in holiday mode, it can often look cluttered. Gifts scattering the floor, tinsel streamed in every corner, seasonally appropriate knick-knacks lining the shelves as far as the eye can see; this can alter the way a potential buyer views your home, leading them to believe that there is much less space than there really is.

3. Distracted Parties: Your buyers are most likely going to be preoccupied and busy with their own holiday plans and festivities. This can serve as a huge distraction and make it increasingly difficult to keep open communication.

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