Open House priorities when looking for a home

When visiting an open house, most people like to run straight to the master bedroom and bath, and then to the kitchen.  Their focus is on the most obvious things when they should be thinking about all the small details.  Here is a list of things most people overlook while visiting an open house:

  1. Is there enough privacy for YOU. Everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to privacy.  Some people could care less about how close the neighbors are while others don’t want anyone to be able to see into their backyard.  Just make sure the house has an adequate amount of privacy or has the capability to add enough privacy to put you at ease.
  2. Look around the exterior of the house. Does the outside of the house need to be painted?  Does the roof need to be replaced in the next few years?  These are some of the things you should be looking at when walking around the outside of the home.  This can also give you a good indication of how much or how little the house has been maintained.
  3. Drive around the neighborhood. It’s important to remember that you’re not just buying a house; you’re buying the neighborhood and neighbors as well.  When walking or driving around the neighborhood pay attention to the condition the other houses are in.  Also, pay attention to what is going on, like pets and other things that could be an issue for you and your family.
  4. Be on the lookout for smells and stains. If the home has a basement area, be sure to check it for moisture and mildew and any musty smell there might be.  Also check for water stains on ceiling tiles which could be an indication of roof leaks and water markings along the baseboards which would be a sign of flooding.
  5. Other Buyers? Watching other people enter and leave the open house can clue you in as well by their behavior. Once inside listen to what others are asking or commenting about, this could help in hoe hot the property is or not!


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