In some real estate transactions, the seller may choose the title company for the closing. In many real estate transactions across the United States, it’s a common practice for the buyer to choose the title company for a sale, however not in Fort Myers, Florida. The selection of the title company is typically specified in the purchase agreement or contract and can be influenced by various factors.

The seller might already have a working relationship with a specific title company and have used their services in previous real estate transactions. This familiarity can lead to a preference for convenience and confidence in the chosen title company.

In Fort Myers, Florida, it’s customary for the seller to choose the title company. The local real estate market and prevailing practices can influence this choice. Sellers often have the right to choose the title company because they are the party who will pay for the title search and Owner’s Title Policy.

Some areas or specific contracts may dictate different arrangements, so it’s important to review the terms of the purchase agreement and consult with a real estate professional to ensure you understand the specific requirements of your transaction. Also, note that the selection of the title company can be a point of negotiation between the buyer and seller. While it’s common for sellers to choose the title company in many real estate transactions, some buyers may prefer to have the option to make the selection based on the factors mentioned above.

Ultimately, whether you are the buyer or seller, it’s crucial to work with a reputable, long standing title company that is experienced in the Fort Myers, Florida, real estate market and can facilitate a smooth and secure closing process.

Title Junction, LLC in Fort Myers  is the professional, experienced, and dedicated title insurance company you need to guide you in navigating your complex real estate transactions. Call (239) 415-6574 to learn more about the services they offer and how they can help you get from contract to closing table.

Title Junction is a full service real estate title company serving the area of Fort Myers, Cape Coral and the entire state of Florida since 2005. The company handles a number of real estate title services for both commercial and residential properties. 

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