Real estate scams, also referred to as property fraud, pose a significant and immediate threat to both real estate clients and the professionals who assist them. The sophistication of scammers continues to evolve, with perpetrators adept at impersonating lenders, agents, title companies, and even clients.

Scams can manifest in various forms, ranging from overt phone calls pressuring buyers to covertly hacking conversations to gain access to sensitive information.

Particularly vulnerable to these scams are clients who are new to the home-buying process or individuals entering retirement age. These groups are often targeted due to their lack of awareness regarding common scam tactics and a limited understanding of the intricacies involved in real estate transactions.

There are several deceptive methods employed by scam artists, such as urgent requests for upfront payments, request for funds through unconventional or casual methods like Venmo or CashApp, poor grammar or spelling errors, and even language that deviates from the typical professional communication expected in real estate.

These red flags consistently characterize real estate scams. It is important for all parties to be aware and educate themselves and clients on safeguarding themselves against real estate fraud and steering clear of scams in the process.

Many companies are now doubling down on extra precautions to protect all parties in a real estate transaction. You may actually be asked for additional information from a trusted provider, but just because you are, make sure you know what you are being asked and what you are sending.

If you think you are being scammed, it may be likely that you are. Real Estate scams are real, and they are evolving faster and getting savvier and more complex with all the new technology. Stay educated and ask a trusted professional if you are unsure.

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