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COVID-19 Update

In response to federal, state, and local government mandates, some of Title Junction’s in-person business has been affected. However, title companies have been deemed an essential service in the various stay at home (shelter in place) orders conveyed by state and local authorities. This designation enables us to continue providing service to you.

(UPDATE 4/3/2020) As of Friday, April 3rd, all persons in Florida have been ordered by the state government to stay at home to help curb the spread of COVID-19. However, people can still leave their homes to conduct essential activities, such as purchasing food, exercising outdoors, and working for or utilizing the services of essential businesses. This means that if you have a closing with Title Junction, you are fully within your rights to come to closing since you are using an essential service.

Additionally, we are completely willing to work with you if you decide you are uncomfortable with physically entering our office building for your closing. Concessions will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

If you have a closing within the next week, our closers will be in touch with you to make the proper arrangements to conduct your closing. If your closing is over a week out, please be patient, as we will be trying to help clients in the order of their closing dates.

(UPDATE 4/6/2020) We are only allowing clients to come to our office by appointment, so make sure you call ahead to set one up as no drop-ins will be allowed to enter the building. We value the safety of all of our clients and employees and are making efforts to avoid overlapping appointments to minimize person-to-person contact.

In order to promote peace of mind and ensure the health and wellness of our clients and employees, we are taking the following measures to make sure that our closings take place in the safest environment possible:


Arriving at Closing: Guests are encouraged to use hand sanitizer and/or wash hands upon arrival at our office.

Lobby Items: All reading materials, ceramic mugs and other re-usable items have been removed to avoid cross contamination.

Social Distancing: When possible, stay approximately six feet from others when arriving and departing.

Symptomatic Clients: Any guest who exhibits symptoms that may be like Coronavirus (fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc.) must notify staff upon arrival and will be escorted out of common areas into a private closing room.

Closing Table Items: We will distribute new pens to each closing participant and they will not be re-used. We have removed pens, paper, and other items normally found on the closing tables.


Post-Closing Disinfecting: After each closing, the chairs, table and door handle will be wiped down with disinfecting wipes or bleach solution.

Sick Employees: All Title Junction Employees are asked to stay home if they exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19, or other illnesses and notify management immediately.

General Environmental Cleaning: Cleaning personnel will use appropriate germ-killing solutions when cleaning office areas after-hours. Desks will be wiped down throughout the day as well as commonly used items such as phones, printers, door handles, etc.

We are closely monitoring the Coronavirus outbreak and will give updates on the status of our office if there are any changes. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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