How Do I Make A Home Ready To Sell?


Have a home to sell in the Fort Myers or Cape Coral area?

As we show you in this video, start several months before the property is made available.

Look through the eyes of a buyer:

  • What needs to be cleaned?
  • Repainted?
  • Repaired?
  • Or tossed?

Ask yourself – or a friend If you were buying this house what would you want to see?

The goal is to show a home that looks good, makes the most of its assets, like space and location, and attracts as many buyers and as much demand as possible.

Allow yourself enough lead time – not just a day or two – to make the most of the sale.

Lastly, get help from a real estate agent early in the process.

At Title Junction we care about helping you stay informed throughout your real estate transaction. Have questions? Give us a call at 239.415.6574.

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