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A credit bureau score, or “credit score” is a number based upon your credit history that represents the possibility that you will be unable to repay a loan. Lenders use it to determine your ability to qualify for a mortgage loan, since they’re not really in a position get to know you to judge your character.

A few tips for raising your credit score:

  1. Pay your bills on time.
  2. Pay off debt on credit cards and keep your balances low
  3. Don’t apply for a ton of new credit accounts, since that creates hard inquiries

Hard inquires occur when a lender reviews your credit score, and can potentially have a negative effect on it. Soft inquires, on the other hand, occur when you check your own credit score and don’t have a negative effect.

In a nutshell, the better your score is, the better your chances are of getting a favorable loan, since lenders will take that to mean you have a pretty good track record of repaying your debts. Make sure you know your score and ensure that lenders have current information about it.

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