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There are many steps to applying for a loan, and quite a few of them serve the purpose of ensuring that you won’t fall victim to loan fraud or be disqualified due to inaccuracies. Here we provide a helpful list of dos and don’ts during the lending process—be sure to follow all of these steps as you apply for a loan:

The Dos

  • Be sure to read and understand everything before you sign.
  • Refuse to sign any blank documents.
  • Accurately report your debts.
  • Tell the whole truth about gifts.
  • Be truthful about your credit problems, past and present.
  • Be honest about your intention to occupy the house.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t buy property for someone else.
  • Don’t overstate your income.
  • Don’t overstate how long you have been employed.
  • Don’t overstate your assets.
  • Don’t change your income tax returns for any reason.
  • Don’t list fake co-borrowers on your loan application.
  • Don’t provide false supporting documents.

By following these steps, the likelihood of your loan process going smoothly and safely increases dramatically.

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