One of the most exciting parts of a buyer’s closing process is the jingle of your shiny new set of keys. However, even though you may come into a title company’s office to sign those official documents, it’s not actually the title company who hands you the keys.

Despite the many services your title company might provide to you, it is your real estate agent’s duty to ensure you are handed the keys on your desired date. If there is a situation that prohibits you from retrieving the keys on the day of closing, the title company won’t be able to help—you’ll have to find out what the holdup is from either your agent or the seller themselves. 

It’s important to make arrangements for the terms of the key handover with the seller and agent before closing day so that you can fully enjoy the physical representation of your homeownership being handed to you. For example, once you receive your final settlement statement, this may be an appropriate time to initiate conversation about the keys and any final exchanges. It’s encouraged for all parties within real estate transactions to communicate clearly and consistently prior to each closing to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment.

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