When it comes to your loan estimate, there are some costs that are paid to outside parties that you are free to shop for by comparing providers for a variety of services. These might include a pest inspection, or a survey to verify property lines, or a range of title-related services.

Title services might include:

  • A lender’s title policy, which protects the lender’s legal interest in their loan collateral—usually the property itself
  • Settlement agent fees, paid to the individual or company responsible for facilitating the final transaction
  • Title search, which clarifies and documents legal ownership of the property
  • A title insurance binder, which allows potential future use of the current title search results, conditions and exclusions for a short period to lower the cost of future title insurance.

If you select service providers from the list provided by the lender, their fees cannot change by more than 10% between the Loan Estimate and the final Loan Disclosure. If you select other providers, the lender is not responsible for changes in those costs.

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