Come moving time, your head may be spinning over the long to-do list you’ve created in preparation for making the transition into a new home. But having kids during this major change can provide its own challenges aside from packing their things. So what can you do to help make things a little easier for yourself and your family?

Anticipate A Mixed Reaction

Your kids have probably grown attached to the place you call home and may have trouble understanding that a new home can be just as great. Younger kids tend to have an easier time accepting the idea of moving because it’s easier to distract them with all of the positive things that will be happening. Older children, on the other hand, may struggle more with the concept, especially if it means leaving friends or going somewhere unfamiliar. If you’re honest with your own feelings about the move, it may encourage trust and comfort within your children.

Create Excitement

Most likely, your kids won’t be calling the shots when it comes down to your final home sale. However, allowing them to choose furniture arrangement or paint color within their own rooms may be a great diversion from their worries. Hype them up for this exciting new change!

Embrace The Community

Take a break and get to know your neighbors. Not only are they going to be the people you’ll be living next to for this next chapter in your life, but they may know of great local events or organizations for your family to get involved in to feel just a little more at home. They might even have kids the same age as yours!

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