As much as we would all like to believe the old adage of “it won’t happen to me,” the news stories we hear each and every day often feature people who probably thought the same thing. When working in a field that deals with both a variety of clients and locations, the safety risks consequently increase.

So what can you do as a real estate agent to ensure your safety throughout the course of your career? Here are six safety tips to keep in mind:

1. Avoid wearing or showing anything too flashy. Criminals look for not only an accessible target, but one that’s worth the risk of getting caught. If your social media consistently shows off your material assets, this may draw unwanted criminal attention. That’s not to say that you should never wear any jewelry or designer labels, just be mindful in every context.

2. Keep your cell phone in hand. Whether you’re traveling or showing a home, having a constant source of communication/help readily available may intimidate those who would otherwise consider doing harm.

3. If you’re going to a showing or meeting – let someone know! No matter what the circumstances, it’s always a good idea to let others know where you are going and when you plan on being finished. That way they can check in with you to make sure everything is alright.

4. Bring pepper spray. While you hope that you’d never have to use it, this little tool can buy you extra time when you need it most!

5. Avoid leaving or giving out your home address. When revealing personal information, especially to clients, ask yourself, “Is this information really necessary?”

6. Trust your gut! If your body tells you something isn’t right, chances are something probably is amiss. Your safety comes before business, so if something makes you feel uneasy, find the quickest and safest way out of the situation.

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