Proper budgeting can save you a lot of hassle.

Budgeting can be hard and at moments feel impossible but the importance it plays in our everyday lives is crucial for those curve balls we tend to see keep popping up.

You get sick and miss a week of work, it sets you back and now everything you’ve worked towards feels gone. Sometimes you may even think that you can keep better track of a budget mentally but sometimes that doesn’t work.

In all reality, setting up a budget is to help you achieve goals, set new ones, and live with ease. For some people, it can be discouraging but anyone can do it.

When thinking about budgeting one may wonder what tools and resources they may need. We’re going to go over 8 tips that could save you in the long run.


Debt is a revolving door that will gladly kick you to the curb. Those interest charges can add up to be more of a pain than just holding off on the purchase or saving for it to begin with.

Not being able to afford something one week just means you must wait until you can. Going on vacation takes planning, saving, budgeting. Overspending will cost you one way or another.


Outside of necessities in our everyday life we often run into the “fancy” things we wish we could have or could afford. If the item you’re considering purchasing isn’t something you need, take some time to think about it. Did you forget about the item after a week? If so, it seems like you didn’t really need it.

Weighing out the benefits is a huge part of a purchase and budgeting. Does this purchase add value to your life but effect your budget? Does this purchase effect your savings?


When budgeting, keep this in mind (Income – Expenses = $0)

That means give every dollar to an expense. Every dollar belongs to a bill, savings, loan, vacation etc. Do not give yourself a gray area where you have money just floating around in a “buffer zone” waiting to be spent.

Going for zero doesn’t mean you spend every dollar you’ve earned. It’s the opposite, it is a great way to jump start your budget and savings.


  • Have you ever decided midway through your grocery shopping that you want to change it up? Now you have vegetables and fruits in your cart you can’t even spell and they end up going bad in your fridge becoming a waste of money.
  • Shopping on an empty stomach can also make things a little hard. You start picking up those snack items that cost $3-$5 and next thing you know they’ve taken up your entire grocery bill.
  • Doing groceries online is a terrific way to avoid spending big money on unimportant things. There are places that even offer curbside pickup, you just pull your car up and they load the groceries. Consider this next time you shop; you’ll avoid spur of the moment purchases and you’ll be able to keep track of that grocery list for future trips while remaining consistent to that budget.


  • Comparing name brand items to the generic ones can also save you some money. Sometimes the difference isn’t huge, but the savings add up.
  • When the savings are only 60, 70, 80 cents or even a dollar on an item you may think “what’s the big deal?”. Well, filling up a cart with 40 items and being mindful of the costs, keeps money in your pocket.
  • Also, what’s fascinating is these generic items are often the national brand just packaged in a less attractive way. They save money by not marketing the same way national brands do and then we can buy them cheaper.


  • Those streaming service subscriptions can add up too. Ten dollars here, 14 dollars there, it can all go towards that vacation you want to take.
  • The other major thing to look for is fees with your bank. Are you paying monthly maintenance fees? That too can add up. Try looking for a credit union or a bank with no fees.


  • When buying something off the shelf for any amount, are you connecting that cost to the labor you put into your work? I can guarantee you are probably not. Let’s take a look.
  • Ex: You make $20/Hour and that concert you absolutely need to go to costs $140, that converts to 7 hours of work. Is that concert worth it?


  • Payday rolled around and you’re stoked but before spending that money all in one spot, pay down some bills. Even if you’re only paying a portion of a bill, future you will be glad you did.
  • Adding money to your savings no matter the amount will add up to something larger. This savings may come in handy if that car engine goes out, or if you miss a week work from being sick.
  • Most importantly, its your money so set some aside for you to enjoy yourself. You work hard for it, and you deserve it.

Budgeting can seem impossible but its to teach you discipline and help you reach your goals while also enjoying your everyday life. Reward yourself when you reach your goals. Keep it fresh and fun and enhance your mind on budgeting and savings.

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