Is it time to hire a moving company?

You’ve finally got that house you’ve been dreaming of and moving day is around the corner. You’ve started packing up the house, moving little things, kicking away the trash but have barely made a dent. After standing back and looking at all the things you must move, you’re probably thinking, it’s time to hire a moving company. In today’s moving industry, how do you know who to trust and what to look for when hiring someone to move your stuff?

Doing proper research is crucial when considering which company to help you move. You never want to jump on deciding a mover without thoroughly checking all resources available. Not doing so can lead to unwanted interactions with scammers. Part of this research process includes looking up the moving company and trying to cross reference them on social media platforms. Do they have a Facebook with customer reviews, are they on social media? Do they have photos of jobs they have done on the past?

If they’re an LLC, you can search them in your local LLC business entities search engine. Here in Florida, you can go to and search for the business you’re interested in. Once you find the specified company it’ll give you all the information about the company, including manager names, if they’re active or not and it provides their business address. This ensures you’re not dealing with someone pretending to be reputable. You can also check out (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) FMCSA’s data base to see if an interstate mover is licensed and insured. While you’re there, check to see if they have any complaints.

Scammers are out there; they call us every day nonstop never skipping a beat. In this industry they’re not just the unidentifiable person on the other side of a screen, they’re much closer than that. When hiring a moving company try to avoid “Brokers”. A broker doesn’t own any equipment or employ any workers they are just someone who coordinates with a 3rd party moving company to handle your move after they’ve taken a deposit. The issue with this is, they aren’t the ones handling the move so it can be hard to organize or control things the way you’d like, and you may get stuck with a moving company worth 1 star, leaving you in the dark and frustrated.

In the beginning stages of looking for a mover, you want to get as many quotes as possible. Shopping around and understanding how things get priced can help you avoid getting ripped off. Be sure you know how they’re charging you. Are they charging you per room, per pound, per mile, or per hour?

Now you’ve done the research, packed the small boxes, stuffed your car with what could fit, now its time to pay the moving company. When paying the initial deposit, try to use a credit card, this way if something didn’t go quite as planned or the unfortunate happens you can pursue a charge back. If a company is asking for Zelle payment, Cashapp, Apple Pay or any form of person-to-person payment, be advised that these payment methods can’t be reversed and aren’t insured. ­­­­­­Lastly, on the day of moving, make sure to keep a close eye on everything going on. Any damages you see, report it to the moving company immediately.

You know better than anyone what is valuable in your home and what can’t be mishandled. Keep that in mind when looking for a moving company. A top-notch, reputable moving company will take care of your belongings, momentous, and sincerest possessions while providing exceptional service in a timely manner.

If you’re keeping the move local, it’s a good idea to transport the little boxes and smaller items on your own. This way, you keep possible risk for damage low. For those bigger items in your home such as a credenza, bed frame, or any larger appliances, it’s a good idea to leave those things to the professionals. Moving companies have professionals with the correct equipment to move those bigger items, so don’t pinch a nerve trying to pinch a penny. When you pack your own things, you avoid having the moving company box things up for you which means you spend less.

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