Whether you’re buying or selling a home, a home warranty can be very practical to have.

Many sellers think there is no reason for them to buy a home warranty on a home they are going to be leaving soon; however, there are advantages to purchasing that home warranty:

  1. For Your Protection – By purchasing a home warranty a few months before you sell the house you are actually protecting yourself.  The last thing you need to happen with all the expenses of moving is to have a major appliance go out a month before you are scheduled to move.  Depending on which appliance this is, like a refrigerator or stove, it can be costly.
  2. A Great Incentive – When your house is on the market and competing with several other homes, sellers are looking for ways to separate themselves from the competition.  Some houses offer unique features like a waterfront view or updated bathrooms while some choose to offer incentives to stand out like closing cost support or leaving the house furnished.  However, a home warranty is a nice incentive to offer that not many people take advantage of.
  3. Put The Buyers At Ease – If the home you are selling is an older home some potential buyers could be anxious about the likelihood of something going wrong after they purchase the property.  Buyers don’t want to move into a house only to start replacing things like the air-conditioning unit, water heater or appliances.

You can purchase a home warranty several different places.  Many title companies like the one where you’re closing your real estate transaction can provide information or recommendations on home warranty companies.

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