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Types of Child Custody

If a marriage with children is legally ended by divorce, things like access, time and legal responsibility for the children - 'custody' - must be decided. Custody arrangements include physical custody, parental visitation rights, and legal custody. Physical custo...
5 Tips to Avoid Mortgage Pitfalls

5 Tips to Avoid Mortgage Pitfalls

Buying a home can be emotional and exciting time for first time homebuyers. However, enthusiasm can sometimes lead to making mistakes that delay the home loan approval process, which is a much less exciting feeling. The period of time leading up to qualifying for a loan...

What is a Bankruptcy Petition?

Filing for bankruptcy starts with disclosing all financial information. This is done on a form called a 'bankruptcy petition', provided by the US Bankruptcy Court. The bankruptcy case starts when the bankruptcy petition form is filed. Both individuals and businesses...
What Can a Municipal Lien Search Do For Me?

What Can a Municipal Lien Search Do For Me?

So, what exactly is a municipal lien search? Many sellers or buyers are not aware of its purpose, yet it’s a vital part of the home buying process. That is, if you want to make sure that you won’t be slammed with someone else’s unpaid water bill—or something wor...

The Basics of Probate

The legal distribution of assets and property left by someone who has died is called 'probate.' It is a process of law, involving government and courts, that ensures proper and legal distribution of their assets. Even if the deceased person had a legal will, probate...

Understanding Foreclosure

A foreclosure is essentially a legally-forced change in possession, where a lender seizes collateralized property - such as a home - when a borrower is unable to pay the loan. While laws vary by state, borrowers typically have a 'period of redemption' to pay loan...

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