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Alternatives To Litigation

While there's no concrete answer to how long a lawsuit process might take in court, US cases take over a year on average, and cases running 5 or more years are not unheard of. The load of cases before state courts has increased over time, while staffing has not. Sta...
Going Green: At Home and In Your Wallet

Going Green: At Home and In Your Wallet

In this day and age, we hear about all sorts of promotions and catchy phrases such as “go green” in order to promote the idea of a healthier environment. We’ve made huge technological strides in a short time period and through our own amazement, we often forget th...

What is a Limited Liability Corporation?

In US law, corporations are organizations authorized to act as a legal entity. United States law also recognizes another legal status for a company, called a 'limited liability corporation,' or LLC for short. LLCs are not separate legal entities like regular corpora...

Asset Division: How Are Assets Divided in a Divorce?

When the legal state of marriage is ended by divorce, legal commitments by the couple - property, debts and more - must be resolved. Asset division can be complicated and emotional, and legal advice is frequently required. While laws vary by state, the divorce pr...

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