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How Is A Home Marketed?

  As you’ll see in the video, every home and market is a unique situation. Good marketing plans are specific to both. But every plan will include: Preparation Pricing and Marketing Activities. Preparation takes time – typically, months. Homes must be in...
Which Square Footage Figure Should I Use?

Which Square Footage Figure Should I Use?

  Buying or Selling a home in the areas of Fort Myers or Cape Coral and wondering which square footage figure you should go by? Home size is one of the key figures used in comparisons. But you may have different measurements to choose from,  as you’ll learn...

What Details Can I Ask Brokers In Advance?

  Selling a home in the Fort Myers, Cape Coral or surrounding areas? This video tells you what any real estate professional would tell you. Ask them: How long do homes in my neighborhood currently stay on the market? How would you price my home? What data did you...
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